Alice : These shoes transported me in a lot of different places, the blue one i bought almost 10 years ago, they are my favorite pair of shoes ever. The yellow/orange were bought 5 years ago and the purple ones 2 years ago. They were experienced a lot. I wore them everyday at first when i bought them ! As they were getting older i was trying to preserve them a little to keep them a little bit longer. I finally got together and resonate myself to throw them... Adieu cool shoes !

 Gabi: Behind these curtains I step into a totally different world. World, where all the everyday worries and heavy thoughts are suddenly forgotten, even though just for a few precious minutes.
World, where I can relax and let my mind wander in a joyful lightness until the next deep breath...

 Harmony: I found myself at home alone yesterday, an entire hour with nothing that had to be done and no where to go. I decided to experience it outside, just me and my camera.


  1. That's a nice collection of shoes, Alice. I love your post-processing!

    Good for you, Harmony, for finding time just for yourself! The sunset in the back is beautiful.

  2. Alice - love the shoes and the memories they evoke.
    Gabi so happy you are getting back into yoga and at my favourite yoga spot!