take it all in

Harmony: I have been going, going and not stopping to listen to the "mom, come play with me!" pleas. Yesterday I said yes. Yesterday I stopped to take in all the joy that is running through a field of long grass with my boys.

 Gabi: I was watching my son (in the middle) getting ready for a swim during his triathlon race. It's always a rush of various feelings for him before the race starts. The excitement. The nerves. The competitivness. The "will I be the fastest one?" sort of questions. I was taking all of this above in - the excitement, the mama worries, the proud feeling of being his mom... Go, buddy, GO!


  1. I'm glad you listened and followed him. I'm guilty of saying wait a minute as well but I'm learning how to say yes more often. xo

    1. We are all learning!

      I love the silhouettes in your picture. He is growing in to quite the young man!