Harmony: Most of our date nights start out with a trip to a thrift store. We have our routine, we check out the old books, then look for a duck or turtle figurine and only then do we explore the rest of the store.

Gabi: The last few days flew by so fast. We enjoyed every single one of those days as much as we could. Some great moments were captured through my lens and are going to be forever treasured in our collection of  memories made during this week.


  1. Those books look awesome! We have to go thrifting together one day.
    I'm late with my photo, will do once I get back from work. Sorry about the delay, Harmony.

    1. Yes, that would be fun!
      I love your collection of memories and that we each took a different angle responding to the prompt.

    2. I love it too that each of us came up with a totally different way for this prompt. Originally I wanted to take a photo of my rubber stamps collection or my handmade mugs but it was so dark that the photo would be terrible so I ended up with a collection of photos :)