Harmony: Yes to finally trying out the new nail polish I bought months ago. Yes to a few minutes of quiet time. Yes to self-care.

 Gabi: Today I'm saying YES to turning 35. Yes to spending 2 hours in a cold wind and snowfall on a soccer field to watch our little ones play. Yes to everyday little moments. YES to my imperfectly perfect life.


  1. Love this picture of you Gabi. I wish I had longer arms to take selfies with my big camera ;)

    1. lol, thank you! Remember the photo of you, Viv and myself? I was the one who took the photo (thanks to my long arms) but then my head looked so much bigger than yours :)

  2. Like the imperfect, perfect life Gabi!
    And Harmony, I thought I showed us your wedding ring: Saying yes to the man in your life! But no, it was the nail polish!!! ha,ha, great post ladies!

  3. Btw, I love your photo, Harmony! The perspective is gorgeous and I bet the nail polish is purple ;)