6 o'clock

Gabi: Monday evenings are my favorite. It's just me and her. Our girls time. One on one. Add an extra hour of a daylight and you get pure magic.

Harmony: Playing outside in the sun, waiting for dinner. This sun-soaked picture had to be the one - love to longer days and more playtime with my boys.

* A warm welcome to Krystal! Look for a proper introduction later this week*

Krystal: My re-charge time. The time I'm home from work just in time to start my school studies. I've also had a few drinks of my afternoon pick me up. Love the sun shining in from the window- definitely helps me stay motivated.


  1. Isn't the sun the best?! The extra hour of daylight was so needed even though I still can't adjust to the time change.

    Welcome aboard, Krystal! I can't imagine working and studying at the same time! Way to go, girl!

    How fun that we once again chose a similar photo, Harmony! We are running around on the field and of course I ended up with a dog poop on my shoe... But definitely worth the pictures I took :D

    1. Yes, a big welcome Krystal!

      I love how much fun the 2 of you are having Gabi (dog poo and all!) :D

    2. Thank you so much Gabi & Harmony!! I am so excited about this new adventure. Looking forward to sharing in the future weeks to come, as well as seeing your photos!