Harmony: Most of our date nights start out with a trip to a thrift store. We have our routine, we check out the old books, then look for a duck or turtle figurine and only then do we explore the rest of the store.

Gabi: The last few days flew by so fast. We enjoyed every single one of those days as much as we could. Some great moments were captured through my lens and are going to be forever treasured in our collection of  memories made during this week.


Gabi: I prefer to be behind the camera instead of being in front of it but I do love photos with my kids together. Even though this photo was taken with stretched arm in a poor light, I still love it. It captures our special girls' time and that's what counts the most.

 Harmony: It's okay that I left my clean laundry in the hallway (not folded) and the boys thought it was dirty laundry and piled their dirty clothes on top. It's okay I broke my own rule and didn't take my shoes off downstairs. It's okay because I spent the time playing knights and dragons with a special little boy.


Harmony: On family excursions we always seem to find a heart rock. It is now tradition to look for one before heading home.

 Gabi: there is something special about a cup of coffee in the morning. When I leave the house, my coffee goes with me in a travel mug. I'm always taking a part of my home and my safe place with me.


Harmony: Inside my sketchbooks. I have many, not sure why, but I love them all.

 Gabi: Sunday was such an easy going day. I spent the whole day inside the house and I loved it. I needed to turn off the outside world and just be.