Gabi: I was preparing dinner when I noticed the beautiful light from sun going down behind the horizon. The last few breathtaking seconds before the night takes over everything.

 Harmony: I've always been a morning person. And prefer the dawn and the day's new beginning instead of the twilight.


Gabi: this little fella of ours is so energetic, loves running and won't sit for a second but when he is "calm", he loves to cuddle and gives a lot of love around. 

I smell

Gabi: the smell of the rain in the forest. that's the smell of our home.

Harmony: I smell gingerbread, my new favourite tea. 

in the middle

Harmony: My middle son; we try to beat the stereotype that the middle child feels left out. Sometimes I think we do well, I just hope they outweigh the times we don't.

 Gabi: in the middle of the challenging times, we are going through at the moment, the play of shadows on the wall just made me stop and notice the little things. It put a smile on my face as well.