Gabi: my race is getting closer and that means that I have to pull long training rides over 100km. During these rides I've learned so much about myself - that I can dig deeper than I would ever imagine, that I'm much stronger than I've thought and that pain is temporally but pride is forever.

 Harmony: I did not feel strong at all yesterday. It was a frustrating work day, mommy day, and in general I am glad it is behind me. Strength today is starting anew and making it better than before.


Harmony: These little babies were born tonight. Grow, grow little guys so you can eat all the mosquitoes! Hey, it's only natural.

 Gabi: our kids are natural athletes. They've developed a strong healthy relationship with a lot of kinds of sports which we, as parents, are very grateful for. The movement comes natural in our family.


Alice : I was on vacation last week and spent some time decorating the new shelves my Dad build up for me. I love this round light holder my Mom bought me. The story of this light holder is kind of funny : we were in a shop and i spotted this little gem. I asked boldly my Mom to offer this to me (i didn't have my purse), knowing the answer would certainly be no. But i was surprised because she said yes ! LOL I guess you always have to try !!!!

Krystal: My husband and I found a new local coffee shop that we had never tried in Trinidad, Ca. We decided to share a mocha and it tasked as pretty as it looks! This place was interesting because they don't use any paper or plastic cups. You have to either bring your own or you use one of theirs. We loved their mugs and the concept. We choose to sit outside on this beautiful day.

 Gabi: both kids love to spin on this "spinning wheel" at the playground. Their legs always hang in the air and they giggle and laugh and just enjoy being kids. I bet in a few years they won't remember what they got for a certain Birthday but they will definitely remember all those joyful moments spent going around and around and having fun together.


Gabi: this man of mine MAKES things happen. If he puts a goal on his mind, he goes for it and makes it happen. It takes an unbelievable dedication and self-discipline, but it pays off for him at the end. He reaches his goals and makes all of us so very proud of him. I really admire his strength.

 Harmony: I have been on a making spree, creating feels so good. I have a little problem with all of the supplies I've been collecting...