Harmony: Although I prefer them to be outside, it is nice seeing them play together indoors too.That is until they start hurting each other in the virtual world.

Gabi: the weather was so gorgeous on Saturday and I wish I could be on the field and watch him play. But I was on a different mission - getting the cake and  putting up surprise B-day decorations for him at home. He loved it.


Harmony: The day of his first basketball game he woke up with a fever. He didn't want to let his team down and went anyway. They didn't win their first game, but as a team, they did a great job. My job is to help him see that life is imperfect and we have to make the best of each moment.

 Gabi: at the end of the day she decided to have a tea party in the living room. We were accompanied by her favorite stuffies, wore special necklaces and had "tea with biscuits" and special "pizza hamburgers". It was imperfectly perfect tea party.


Harmony: It's amazing how much a hot cup of tea and a few moments to myself recharges my patience. I need to remember to do this for myself

Gabi: I'm really not sure whose patience these little elastics test more - mine or theirs. There is frustration and sometimes even tears as the project goes wrong. Then it's mommy to the rescue...


Harmony: A morning person like me, he wakes up in the best of moods. We end each night by saying, "I'll see you first in the morning." We try to sneak up on one another each morning to win the game.

Gabi: I think I stepped in into the New Year with my left foot first. I didn't feel like myself at all. The weekend changed it for me: my family, a quit chat with a dear friend of mine, good sleep... I feel like myself once again.

stay tuned

Hello everyone!

I hope the new year has started for you well and you are back to "normal" after all those holiday festivities. We are back in the rainy gray days over here in our part of the world. I always struggle to take pictures in this time of the year as the days are short and it's dark quite early but we are not giving up and will be bringing you our inspirational posts weekly again.

Harmony and I have decided to change things in here little bit so please stay tuned for some fresh ideas.

:: Gabi ::