Gabi: What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

 Harmony: This young man is rising up to the responsibility of being a role model for his little brothers.

cool down

Harmony: The heat has been relenting with no break in sight. Many days have been spent at our little river spot cooling down and enjoying our lazy summer days.

 Gabi: they went down the river, walked back up, down the river again. Giggling, splashing and just having fun. Hot days don't stop us from  having fun, we just need to find the right place to cool down.

take it all in

Harmony: I have been going, going and not stopping to listen to the "mom, come play with me!" pleas. Yesterday I said yes. Yesterday I stopped to take in all the joy that is running through a field of long grass with my boys.

 Gabi: I was watching my son (in the middle) getting ready for a swim during his triathlon race. It's always a rush of various feelings for him before the race starts. The excitement. The nerves. The competitivness. The "will I be the fastest one?" sort of questions. I was taking all of this above in - the excitement, the mama worries, the proud feeling of being his mom... Go, buddy, GO!