Gabi: a new member of our family - 8 weeks old Ace (Hungarian vizsla). Even though we can count the days he has been with us on one hand, our hearts are full. Here is to new love, new adventures and new joy!
Krystal: Yesterday was my birthday, and I turned 29. This is a new year for me. My birthdays are almost more of a new start for me rather than the new year.


Gabi: it was a spontaneous evening spent with friends at the campground. The sky totally reflected the mood of the evening - joyful, beautiful and worth of remembering.


Harmony: I feel most alive when I'm creating something. This is me trying my hand with some solar sensitive ink and flower shadows. It is amazing that this mustard  yellow turned into a beautiful turquoise.


Alice : My cousins are crazy ! This is how they have fun : going down on an old rusty bike and jumping  on some wooden planks, straight into the river, trying to make the best figure. We were all watching them, cheering them up and praying that nobody would get hurt.

 Harmony: With the school strike, we have started to home school the boys until they can go back to school. We want to make sure play is part of their days and that includes a family field trip to pick apples.

 Gabi: they went down and down and down again, laughing all the time. It was a pure joy to watch them having fun together.
Krystal: This is a picture of my didgeridoo. I recently found one at a local store and have been practicing. It is definitely harder than it looks! I love the design on this one as it reminds me of outer space!