Gabi: plants make me happy. Especially those ones I have for several years and which haven't given up on my green-thumb skills.

Krystal:  These beauties are starting to open up in my front yard. They are staring me down each day when I walk out or to my front door. I am not complaining. 

 Harmony: This was harder than I thought. I love purple and have so much of it that narrowing it down to 1 thing took a lot of thought. This necklace represents my family; it wasn't so hard after all.


Gabi:  I have been planning to organize my craft/ office space stuff for way too long. Sunday was the day when I finally decided to dig through it. The space was pretty chaotic for 2+hours when I pulled everything out from the baskets but definitely worth the effort to sort everything out at the end.

Krystal: My mom and I decided to take a day on the town to go thrifting & antiquing. Basically, like a grown up treasure hunt. We walked into this store and WOW! It was and organized chaos. So much fun to look around in all the little drawers and cabinets. We saw antique fabric, cameras, silverware, musical interments, but the coolest thing (I thought) was an old antique brayer. 

 Harmony: We let Grayden go crazy in his room after his birthday. He enjoyed it but now we have to find homes for all of the new toys, he is not enjoying this part of the process at all.

our new contributor

I can honestly say, that even after 6 months,  I look forward to every Wednesday to find out what Harmony comes up with for our weekly theme. I always hit the preview button way before the release so I can take a peek at her photo (please don't tell her ;) ). And of course she loves to keep me waiting as long as possible.

We started this blog as an outlet for capturing motherhood through photos. As you have probably noticed, a new contributor has joined our weekly prompts last week. Her name is Krystal and she is really sweet and friendly girl, as you will find out too! And no, she isn't mom but we love having her anyway! She will definitely bring a little bit different approach to our themes and it will make it even more fun!

Welcome aboard, Krystal!

Harmony and I thought it might be fun to let Krystal tell us a few things about herself, so here it goes:

:: describe yourself in 5 words 
- happy, ambitious, inspiring, helpful, energetic

:: what is your favorite thing about taking pictures?
-In high school, I started taking pictures because I was doing so many things that I would forget about the little things in life that were fun and made me happy. Now, ten years later, I am still taking pictures and lots of them! I love to scrapbook, so a lot of my pictures end up in their. However, taking pictures is fun for me because of two things. One, it the main reason I started. I love looking back at photos and remember those moments. I get to share those moments and stories with people who are interested through the pictures I take. Secondly, it's artistic and fun. I love taking pictures with different angles, lighting, exposure, etc. Taking pictures with an artistic mind frame makes it so much more enjoyable.

:: if you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?
-Is time traveling a superpower? I'm going to go with that because that is what I would choose if I could! How fun (and scary!) would it be to go back in time or forward. Wow- just thinking about it gives me chills.

:: what are you hobbies?
-I have more hobbies than hours in the day. Here are a few: photography, scrapbooking, gardening, school & learning, reading, drinking coffee, writing & journaling, and so much more.

::  one random fact about yourself
-I play the ukulele! And I LOVE it!

I'm really looking forward to see Krystal's photos since now on.  So please help us to welcome Krystal!

Note: If any of you, our viewers, is interested in joining our weekly themes as a guest or a regular contributor, please leave a message in the comments section with your email address or you can contact me or Harmony through emails available on our blogs.

~ Gabi

6 o'clock

Gabi: Monday evenings are my favorite. It's just me and her. Our girls time. One on one. Add an extra hour of a daylight and you get pure magic.

Harmony: Playing outside in the sun, waiting for dinner. This sun-soaked picture had to be the one - love to longer days and more playtime with my boys.

* A warm welcome to Krystal! Look for a proper introduction later this week*

Krystal: My re-charge time. The time I'm home from work just in time to start my school studies. I've also had a few drinks of my afternoon pick me up. Love the sun shining in from the window- definitely helps me stay motivated.


Harmony: Yes to finally trying out the new nail polish I bought months ago. Yes to a few minutes of quiet time. Yes to self-care.

 Gabi: Today I'm saying YES to turning 35. Yes to spending 2 hours in a cold wind and snowfall on a soccer field to watch our little ones play. Yes to everyday little moments. YES to my imperfectly perfect life.