summer is here

Hi everyone,

summer is in full swing and we hope that you are all enjoying the perfect weather as much as we do over here in Canada.

We are taking a short summer break for the rest of July. Please check back in mid-August for new prompts and inspiration.



Alice : This weekend my cousin Emilie celebrated her 30th birthday and she offered us a concert. She was stunning on stage,  a real lady ! The light was low and i always have a hard time taking good photos in such conditions. I decided to have fun with my camera instead of taking the best pictures. I love this silhouette picture of her, and i think we recognize her well even if we can't see her face.

 Gabi: so far it's the low branches who carry the weight of those little tomatoes. In a few weeks the plants will get bigger and stronger and will bring us beautiful red tomatoes. I can barely wait.

sun flare

Alice : I love that time of year when you can stay outside longer and that the light is warm until late into the evening. This is one of the duck family living in the little canal nearby my house. The other day, with some friends we decided it would be nice to have a picnic on the shore.

 Harmony: I took a picture of a traditional sun flare today but decided a picture of my son watering my sunflowers warmed my heart more than the sun today.

 Gabi: I have so many beautiful photos of sun flare from the past but somehow this week I wasn't able to snap a picture which would represent the idea I had in my mind. I guess this last glimpse of daily sunlight captured through our living-room window would have to make it.