that look

Harmony: No longer a little boy, he definitely has the look of a young man now.

 Gabi: this is the " I know, I'm in trouble" look. But who could be mad when we see this little adorable face?

falling for fall

Gabi: the crisp mornings, falling leaves and beautiful colors are my favorite signs of this season. We need to enjoy this colorful beauty as much as possible because soon the rain will take over it all.

Harmony: I love how the rain makes all the colours in the forest saturated. You can find mushrooms popping up everywhere.


Harmony: Thankful for sunny October days; silly playtime; a willing photo subject; my family and friends.

 Gabi: I'm thankful for the special bond these two have with each other. Thankful for my family and our dear friends who've become our real family. Thankful for the beauty of everyday little moments.


Gabi: This little buddy of ours has been with us only for such a short period of time but he's already managed to steal everyone's heart. There is definitely a strong bond growing between these two. My heart is full.