on my desk

Harmony: Two years ago I sewed 72 mittens from Kraft paper with a chocolate inside each one as an advent calendar. I promised myself that if I ever did it again it would be reusable so that the next time would be the last time. And here they are, 3 sets of mittens for 3 advent calendars.

 Gabi: this is going to be my third attempt to do December daily project. I'm hoping that third time is a charm and I'll successfully document our whole holiday season.

in progress

Gabi: sometimes it's good to just forget about all the "musts" and "shoulds" and just sit and relax with needles in hands. this cowl is work in progress. and a big learning curve as well.

trick or treat

Gabi: The rain just stopped for the evening so we could go outside and enjoy trick-or-treating. It was magical.

that look

Harmony: No longer a little boy, he definitely has the look of a young man now.

 Gabi: this is the " I know, I'm in trouble" look. But who could be mad when we see this little adorable face?

falling for fall

Gabi: the crisp mornings, falling leaves and beautiful colors are my favorite signs of this season. We need to enjoy this colorful beauty as much as possible because soon the rain will take over it all.

Harmony: I love how the rain makes all the colours in the forest saturated. You can find mushrooms popping up everywhere.


Harmony: Thankful for sunny October days; silly playtime; a willing photo subject; my family and friends.

 Gabi: I'm thankful for the special bond these two have with each other. Thankful for my family and our dear friends who've become our real family. Thankful for the beauty of everyday little moments.


Gabi: This little buddy of ours has been with us only for such a short period of time but he's already managed to steal everyone's heart. There is definitely a strong bond growing between these two. My heart is full.


Gabi: a new member of our family - 8 weeks old Ace (Hungarian vizsla). Even though we can count the days he has been with us on one hand, our hearts are full. Here is to new love, new adventures and new joy!
Krystal: Yesterday was my birthday, and I turned 29. This is a new year for me. My birthdays are almost more of a new start for me rather than the new year.


Gabi: it was a spontaneous evening spent with friends at the campground. The sky totally reflected the mood of the evening - joyful, beautiful and worth of remembering.


Harmony: I feel most alive when I'm creating something. This is me trying my hand with some solar sensitive ink and flower shadows. It is amazing that this mustard  yellow turned into a beautiful turquoise.


Alice : My cousins are crazy ! This is how they have fun : going down on an old rusty bike and jumping  on some wooden planks, straight into the river, trying to make the best figure. We were all watching them, cheering them up and praying that nobody would get hurt.

 Harmony: With the school strike, we have started to home school the boys until they can go back to school. We want to make sure play is part of their days and that includes a family field trip to pick apples.

 Gabi: they went down and down and down again, laughing all the time. It was a pure joy to watch them having fun together.
Krystal: This is a picture of my didgeridoo. I recently found one at a local store and have been practicing. It is definitely harder than it looks! I love the design on this one as it reminds me of outer space!


Krystal:  A habit I have developed lately is spending my Saturday and Sundays at the coffee shop. I am drinking a hot tea or mocha with my lap top plugged in and my notebook close by. I am a fan of this habit.

 Harmony: I've fallen out of the habit of taking everyday pictures like this one. Getting back to it feels right.


Krystal: Took this photo in Diamond Lake, Oregon. The colors were beautiful that actually looked better in my camera than in real life.


Harmony:  Having fun on vacation with our underwater camera. So many giggles from these pictures!

summer is here

Hi everyone,

summer is in full swing and we hope that you are all enjoying the perfect weather as much as we do over here in Canada.

We are taking a short summer break for the rest of July. Please check back in mid-August for new prompts and inspiration.



Alice : This weekend my cousin Emilie celebrated her 30th birthday and she offered us a concert. She was stunning on stage,  a real lady ! The light was low and i always have a hard time taking good photos in such conditions. I decided to have fun with my camera instead of taking the best pictures. I love this silhouette picture of her, and i think we recognize her well even if we can't see her face.

 Gabi: so far it's the low branches who carry the weight of those little tomatoes. In a few weeks the plants will get bigger and stronger and will bring us beautiful red tomatoes. I can barely wait.

sun flare

Alice : I love that time of year when you can stay outside longer and that the light is warm until late into the evening. This is one of the duck family living in the little canal nearby my house. The other day, with some friends we decided it would be nice to have a picnic on the shore.

 Harmony: I took a picture of a traditional sun flare today but decided a picture of my son watering my sunflowers warmed my heart more than the sun today.

 Gabi: I have so many beautiful photos of sun flare from the past but somehow this week I wasn't able to snap a picture which would represent the idea I had in my mind. I guess this last glimpse of daily sunlight captured through our living-room window would have to make it.


Gabi: my race is getting closer and that means that I have to pull long training rides over 100km. During these rides I've learned so much about myself - that I can dig deeper than I would ever imagine, that I'm much stronger than I've thought and that pain is temporally but pride is forever.

 Harmony: I did not feel strong at all yesterday. It was a frustrating work day, mommy day, and in general I am glad it is behind me. Strength today is starting anew and making it better than before.


Harmony: These little babies were born tonight. Grow, grow little guys so you can eat all the mosquitoes! Hey, it's only natural.

 Gabi: our kids are natural athletes. They've developed a strong healthy relationship with a lot of kinds of sports which we, as parents, are very grateful for. The movement comes natural in our family.


Alice : I was on vacation last week and spent some time decorating the new shelves my Dad build up for me. I love this round light holder my Mom bought me. The story of this light holder is kind of funny : we were in a shop and i spotted this little gem. I asked boldly my Mom to offer this to me (i didn't have my purse), knowing the answer would certainly be no. But i was surprised because she said yes ! LOL I guess you always have to try !!!!

Krystal: My husband and I found a new local coffee shop that we had never tried in Trinidad, Ca. We decided to share a mocha and it tasked as pretty as it looks! This place was interesting because they don't use any paper or plastic cups. You have to either bring your own or you use one of theirs. We loved their mugs and the concept. We choose to sit outside on this beautiful day.

 Gabi: both kids love to spin on this "spinning wheel" at the playground. Their legs always hang in the air and they giggle and laugh and just enjoy being kids. I bet in a few years they won't remember what they got for a certain Birthday but they will definitely remember all those joyful moments spent going around and around and having fun together.


Gabi: this man of mine MAKES things happen. If he puts a goal on his mind, he goes for it and makes it happen. It takes an unbelievable dedication and self-discipline, but it pays off for him at the end. He reaches his goals and makes all of us so very proud of him. I really admire his strength.

 Harmony: I have been on a making spree, creating feels so good. I have a little problem with all of the supplies I've been collecting...

magic hour

Krystal: This weekend we had a huge event in Humboldt called the Kinetic Grand Championship. Contestants have to build a kinetic sculpture that goes over this large hill, through the Humboldt bay, and then thru mud. This picture was taken after they completed the hill and were parked for the night. All that you can really see in this one is the large shark, but I thought it was a great picture with light and an accurate representation of Humboldt County with the mansion in the background and diversely dressed people.

Gabi: when I get home from work, my little ones and I sit down and talk about what happened during the day. Even though we sit like this just for a few minutes, the time spent together during our magic/finally everyone's at home hour really helps us to connect after a long day.

Harmony: It still amazes me how beautiful the pictures turn out when taken during the magic hour. The bokeh and soft light gets me everytime.


Harmony: When I want to be alone I seem to be surrounded by boys and when I don't want to be alone is when I am. I am learning to appreciate the moments I have and those I share them with instead of wishing for something else.

 Gabi: it was his first swim in the lake of this season. there was nobody else swimming out there. he was alone in the water, surrounded just by the rhythm of his breaths and strokes.

in the moment

Gabi: breakfast in bed made by four little hands. handmade gifts. feeling and being loved. soaking up the goodness of this moment.

Alice : I came back home super late monday night, and still i had to buy a few stuff at the Franprix. I was super tired after a loong day and in a hurry to get home. When i got out of my car, i was drawn by a gathering of people. They were watching this swan family (that have its nest in the canal near by) standing in front of the bakery. It put a smile on my face and i was no longer in a hurry to get home. I just had to enjoy the moment !

Harmony: So many things running through my mind; all things I "should" be doing. But I said no to all of them, shut them down and stayed in the moment. This moment.


Gabi: egg-bread has been a part of my life since childhood. Kids love it as well so I've decided to give it a try and make it by myself. There is nothing better than a successful homemade goodness approved by the little ones.

 Harmony: Using my vintage book of crochet stitches to create my own patterns.


Gabi: the first tri-race of the season. He challenged himself,  dug deep and his final time showed his hard work. He's improved so much since last year and we couldn't be more proud of him.

Alice: I set myself the challenge to run two small runs by the end of June (5km and 8km). I know i can do it. I have the ressources in me to do it. But my body is telling me to not burn the steps and to take it easy on myself with a tendinitis on my left knee making it impossible for me to train properly. Let's hope that i can get back on my training by the end of the week. I know i'll be super proud of myself if i just am able to finish both runs ! 

 Harmony: For 2 seasons it has been a challenge for me to get a shot of the hummingbirds that come to visit us. I finally got one that I am really happy with.