Gabi: the first tri-race of the season. He challenged himself,  dug deep and his final time showed his hard work. He's improved so much since last year and we couldn't be more proud of him.

Alice: I set myself the challenge to run two small runs by the end of June (5km and 8km). I know i can do it. I have the ressources in me to do it. But my body is telling me to not burn the steps and to take it easy on myself with a tendinitis on my left knee making it impossible for me to train properly. Let's hope that i can get back on my training by the end of the week. I know i'll be super proud of myself if i just am able to finish both runs ! 

 Harmony: For 2 seasons it has been a challenge for me to get a shot of the hummingbirds that come to visit us. I finally got one that I am really happy with.

looking up

 Harmony: Laying down on the ground I noticed these yellow buds on my holly tree. I have never seen them before and may have missed them if I wasn't looking up for something to capture.

Gabi: his & his. Thanks to the love for sport their bond is getting stronger by each day. The little man is looking up to his dad as his big inspiration and a great example of what can be accomplished when you set your mind up to achieving your goals.

Krystal: Looking up at probably the best sunset I've ever seen. The sky was so gorgeous and breathtaking. Very thankful to have captured this moment. 


Alice : This is my favorite view in my parents' home. This sunday afternoon there was a beautiful light bathing the room while we were watching videos on Youtube with my dad and my sister Clémence. Martin had just come home from his weekend with boyscouts (hence the green shirt on the bed, and the mess next to the stairs). My parents are talking about moving to another home for their old days since this house is full of stairs (i think it's wise) but i want to remember these moments where nothing extraordinary happened but just being together doing our things was enough.

Krystal: Spending the afternoon with my dogs and husband surround by other dogs, green grass, and a friend is my favorite. That's what got to do for a short amount of time before one of us had to go to work. Two of these dogs are my friends, and the go all the way to the left is one of mine. The other is at my feet.  I just love happy dogs. 

 Harmony: Our favourite beach has finally reopened after a 2 year hiatus. It was good to go back. Looking forward to many more days at the lake this summer.

 Gabi: This photo is definitely my most favorite from the whole week. Just hanging (well, jumping) around with my favorite people at my favorite lake. Can't get any better. Good times.


Alice : These shoes transported me in a lot of different places, the blue one i bought almost 10 years ago, they are my favorite pair of shoes ever. The yellow/orange were bought 5 years ago and the purple ones 2 years ago. They were experienced a lot. I wore them everyday at first when i bought them ! As they were getting older i was trying to preserve them a little to keep them a little bit longer. I finally got together and resonate myself to throw them... Adieu cool shoes !

 Gabi: Behind these curtains I step into a totally different world. World, where all the everyday worries and heavy thoughts are suddenly forgotten, even though just for a few precious minutes.
World, where I can relax and let my mind wander in a joyful lightness until the next deep breath...

 Harmony: I found myself at home alone yesterday, an entire hour with nothing that had to be done and no where to go. I decided to experience it outside, just me and my camera.

our new contributor from overseas

I've known Alice for several years now. We "met" on a creative team over at ScrapArtist during the times when I was really enjoying digital scrapbook. Sadly ScrapArtist is no longer on the market but luckily Alice and I have stayed in contact over the years. I've always loved Alice's taste for design and photography and I really admire her creativity. And now you can enjoy her creative photography as well.

We have asked Alice to share a little bit about herself:

I'm so honored to be a part of this adventure. Thanks girls for having me over.

:: describe yourself in 5 words 
- creative, cheerful, fun, geek, curious.

:: what is your favorite thing about taking pictures?
- When i was a kid i was always asking my Dad to borrow his camera. I've always loved taking pictures. With my first paycheck (when i was 18, i was an aupair in Oakland Ca) i bought my first ever camera, a nikon F60. With my film camera i was always shooting in auto mode by fear of wasting film. But when i was able to invest in a digital camera back in 2008 i jumped out of auto mode and improved my picture taking skills. What i love about taking photos is to capture a story. I love taking photos of people, not posing, just doing their things. I am the guardian of my family's memories.

:: if you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?
- to fly so i could visit all the beautiful places in the world. I dream of travelling more. I've already visited the US (San Francisco & New York), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada), Portugal (Faro & Lisboa), Milan in Italy, London, Quebec, Guadeloupe, but i want to see more.This year i'm starting with Finland. I'm sure i'll have to go back since i'm only there for a week, but that's a start !

:: what are your hobbies?
- well photography of course, scrapbooking (even though i haven't scraped in a super long time !), spending time with my friends and family, shopping new clothes (yeah it's a new hobby of mine since i've lost 40kilos this past year), going to the cinema, cooking,...

::  one random fact about yourself
- i like to eat my ice cream melted ! When i buy icecream i don't put it in the freezer so that it has time to melt when i'm ready to eat it for dessert ! I know i'm a bit of a weirdo ! LOL

Welcome aboard, Alice! We are happy to have you and can't wait to get inspired by your beautiful photography.

~ Gabi

4 things

Alice : I love having flowers in my home (i wish i had more more often). This one is no exception, i was lucky that it had 2 stems that each made 4 flowers. I like the unusual perspective on this picture.

* A warm welcome to Alice! Look for a proper introduction later this week*

Harmony: I found 4 of my favourite things in my home - the non-purple variety.

 Gabi: my first smoothie made with spinach. The green smoothie challenge is a great push to stay focused and work on my one little word. It is accompanying me every single day. Thrive.

 Krystal: I'm a huge fan of perfume. These are my current favorite. I wear one or a mixture of them each day.