Harmony: The day of his first basketball game he woke up with a fever. He didn't want to let his team down and went anyway. They didn't win their first game, but as a team, they did a great job. My job is to help him see that life is imperfect and we have to make the best of each moment.

 Gabi: at the end of the day she decided to have a tea party in the living room. We were accompanied by her favorite stuffies, wore special necklaces and had "tea with biscuits" and special "pizza hamburgers". It was imperfectly perfect tea party.


  1. What a great lesson for Connor, Harmony! It's just too bad that he couldn't fully enjoy the game because of the fever. Hope he and you are feeling better by now.

    I'm so loving reading your thoughts about your photos!! Love love!

    1. What an absolutely adorable tea party!

      I love the addition of the words to our photos too - I love writing them and reading yours.