Gabi:  I have been planning to organize my craft/ office space stuff for way too long. Sunday was the day when I finally decided to dig through it. The space was pretty chaotic for 2+hours when I pulled everything out from the baskets but definitely worth the effort to sort everything out at the end.

Krystal: My mom and I decided to take a day on the town to go thrifting & antiquing. Basically, like a grown up treasure hunt. We walked into this store and WOW! It was and organized chaos. So much fun to look around in all the little drawers and cabinets. We saw antique fabric, cameras, silverware, musical interments, but the coolest thing (I thought) was an old antique brayer. 

 Harmony: We let Grayden go crazy in his room after his birthday. He enjoyed it but now we have to find homes for all of the new toys, he is not enjoying this part of the process at all.


  1. Krystal, I'll take your brand of chaos any day! I love a good thrifting session.

    Gabi, can't wait to see the crafts you'll make with your "found" supplies.

  2. I would go to that store right away as well. Harmony, we have to do a treasure hunt playdate soon!

    I bet Grayden has a blast with his new toys during the March break!