in the middle

Harmony: My middle son; we try to beat the stereotype that the middle child feels left out. Sometimes I think we do well, I just hope they outweigh the times we don't.

 Gabi: in the middle of the challenging times, we are going through at the moment, the play of shadows on the wall just made me stop and notice the little things. It put a smile on my face as well.


  1. I love your photo, Harmony. The composition is perfect.
    I know you are doing a great job with all the boys! I think everyone needs a little time off sometimes from all the people around. You really captured the mood perfectly here.

    1. Thank you Gabi, we do our best but the encouragement helps :)

      I love your photo and I know you guys are going to come out shining on the other end of this current challenge.

  2. Looks like my comment from yesterday didn't make it !...
    Harmony this picture is beautiful. I'm a middle kid too and i'm sure your son knows he's loved.
    Gabi your photo is such a creative interpretation of the theme. Love it ! I'm sorry to hear you're facing challenges. I'm sure you'll overcome them. Take care.

  3. Thanks, Alice! Hope you are doing well!