Harmony: In the last 2 weeks I have been drawing, taking pictures and designing; it is nourishing to my soul to be creating again. I need to remember how good it feels and carve out the time to make the needed me time happen.

 Gabi: being a part of a very active family means that we are constantly on the move. Instead of sitting at home on the weekends, we bike and hike and spend a quality time as a family together exploring our beautiful forests. Even though sometimes it can be a hard workout and not an easy walk, these adventures absolutely recharge me and nourish my soul. I believe I was  meant to be a west-coast girl.


  1. Love that sign Gabi! I hope you have recovered from your busy and active weekend.

    1. I did :) That sign was very cool, it was just few meters before the top of the climb.

      I'm so happy that you are creating and taking time for yourself, Harmony!! We need to do some pottery class or something together soon!