in the moment

Gabi: breakfast in bed made by four little hands. handmade gifts. feeling and being loved. soaking up the goodness of this moment.

Alice : I came back home super late monday night, and still i had to buy a few stuff at the Franprix. I was super tired after a loong day and in a hurry to get home. When i got out of my car, i was drawn by a gathering of people. They were watching this swan family (that have its nest in the canal near by) standing in front of the bakery. It put a smile on my face and i was no longer in a hurry to get home. I just had to enjoy the moment !

Harmony: So many things running through my mind; all things I "should" be doing. But I said no to all of them, shut them down and stayed in the moment. This moment.


  1. When we are in hurry, we miss a lot of things. I'm glad you stopped and enjoyed the moment, Alice! The same with you, Harmony. Beautiful shots!

    1. Those swans are priceless Alice.
      Beautiful mug Gabi, I'm so happy you had a great Mother's Day!