magic hour

Krystal: This weekend we had a huge event in Humboldt called the Kinetic Grand Championship. Contestants have to build a kinetic sculpture that goes over this large hill, through the Humboldt bay, and then thru mud. This picture was taken after they completed the hill and were parked for the night. All that you can really see in this one is the large shark, but I thought it was a great picture with light and an accurate representation of Humboldt County with the mansion in the background and diversely dressed people.

Gabi: when I get home from work, my little ones and I sit down and talk about what happened during the day. Even though we sit like this just for a few minutes, the time spent together during our magic/finally everyone's at home hour really helps us to connect after a long day.

Harmony: It still amazes me how beautiful the pictures turn out when taken during the magic hour. The bokeh and soft light gets me everytime.

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  1. That looks like a fun event Krystal!
    What a wonderful everyday tradition Gabi :)