4 things

Alice : I love having flowers in my home (i wish i had more more often). This one is no exception, i was lucky that it had 2 stems that each made 4 flowers. I like the unusual perspective on this picture.

* A warm welcome to Alice! Look for a proper introduction later this week*

Harmony: I found 4 of my favourite things in my home - the non-purple variety.

 Gabi: my first smoothie made with spinach. The green smoothie challenge is a great push to stay focused and work on my one little word. It is accompanying me every single day. Thrive.

 Krystal: I'm a huge fan of perfume. These are my current favorite. I wear one or a mixture of them each day. 


  1. The bold red color is so striking, Alice! Just beautiful! Welcome aboard!!

    Harmony, love your collection. The tea kettle looks like it is stretching, so cute!

    Krystal, which one is your fav? I'm running slowly out of my perfume and I'm looking for a new fresh scent.

  2. Gabi : spinach in a smoothie ? Is that good ???? LOL
    Harmony : the tea kettle is so cute. It makes me think of the one in the Beauty and the Beast ! I love it !
    Krystal : "Strawberry and Champagne" what a classy perfume ! LOL The only use i have for champagne is to drink it (i have my family home in the champagne area !) we are champagne purists !

    1. Alice, it actually isn't bad :) Harmony and I both do the Green Smoothie Challenge; check out my blog I have more info there.

  3. A great collection of photos! I love having more of them to see every Wednesday morning.

    I used to have that Ralph Lauren perfume :)