Alice : This is my favorite view in my parents' home. This sunday afternoon there was a beautiful light bathing the room while we were watching videos on Youtube with my dad and my sister Clémence. Martin had just come home from his weekend with boyscouts (hence the green shirt on the bed, and the mess next to the stairs). My parents are talking about moving to another home for their old days since this house is full of stairs (i think it's wise) but i want to remember these moments where nothing extraordinary happened but just being together doing our things was enough.

Krystal: Spending the afternoon with my dogs and husband surround by other dogs, green grass, and a friend is my favorite. That's what got to do for a short amount of time before one of us had to go to work. Two of these dogs are my friends, and the go all the way to the left is one of mine. The other is at my feet.  I just love happy dogs. 

 Harmony: Our favourite beach has finally reopened after a 2 year hiatus. It was good to go back. Looking forward to many more days at the lake this summer.

 Gabi: This photo is definitely my most favorite from the whole week. Just hanging (well, jumping) around with my favorite people at my favorite lake. Can't get any better. Good times.


  1. Alice, your parents' house is so magical! Is it the one where you have all your family gatherings and photos from? Too bad they are going to move out.

  2. No it's there own house near Versailles. The other house is in the Champagne area and it's my grand parents and their siblings who are the owners. The move out is not for right now, they are just thinking about it since they will both be retired next year. I think we still have 5-10 years in the house...
    I love everyone's favorite. So much actions in all your pictures. Great take on the theme girls !