our new contributor from overseas

I've known Alice for several years now. We "met" on a creative team over at ScrapArtist during the times when I was really enjoying digital scrapbook. Sadly ScrapArtist is no longer on the market but luckily Alice and I have stayed in contact over the years. I've always loved Alice's taste for design and photography and I really admire her creativity. And now you can enjoy her creative photography as well.

We have asked Alice to share a little bit about herself:

I'm so honored to be a part of this adventure. Thanks girls for having me over.

:: describe yourself in 5 words 
- creative, cheerful, fun, geek, curious.

:: what is your favorite thing about taking pictures?
- When i was a kid i was always asking my Dad to borrow his camera. I've always loved taking pictures. With my first paycheck (when i was 18, i was an aupair in Oakland Ca) i bought my first ever camera, a nikon F60. With my film camera i was always shooting in auto mode by fear of wasting film. But when i was able to invest in a digital camera back in 2008 i jumped out of auto mode and improved my picture taking skills. What i love about taking photos is to capture a story. I love taking photos of people, not posing, just doing their things. I am the guardian of my family's memories.

:: if you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?
- to fly so i could visit all the beautiful places in the world. I dream of travelling more. I've already visited the US (San Francisco & New York), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada), Portugal (Faro & Lisboa), Milan in Italy, London, Quebec, Guadeloupe, but i want to see more.This year i'm starting with Finland. I'm sure i'll have to go back since i'm only there for a week, but that's a start !

:: what are your hobbies?
- well photography of course, scrapbooking (even though i haven't scraped in a super long time !), spending time with my friends and family, shopping new clothes (yeah it's a new hobby of mine since i've lost 40kilos this past year), going to the cinema, cooking,...

::  one random fact about yourself
- i like to eat my ice cream melted ! When i buy icecream i don't put it in the freezer so that it has time to melt when i'm ready to eat it for dessert ! I know i'm a bit of a weirdo ! LOL

Welcome aboard, Alice! We are happy to have you and can't wait to get inspired by your beautiful photography.

~ Gabi


  1. Welcome aboard, Alice!!
    You look amazing! 40kg? How did you do that? I'm struggling with losing 5 (which is my goal for the next few weeks)!..

    We are happy to have you here with us!

  2. Thanks Gabi. I had a surgery to reduce the size of my stomac in june (sleeve gastrectomy), i've tried so many time to loose weight with diets without any success. I had to do something radical !

    1. I'm glad that it worked, Alice and that now you can focus on a healthy lifestyle! Way to go, my friend!! I love how happy and full of energy you look on this photo.